Fern Plastome List

Here is a list of fern plastomes published in genbank. You can downoad the csv below. The list includes complete plastomes as well as fragments greater than 10 kb. This list is based on a search using a Biopython script written by Carol Rowe and Paul Wolf, then rewritten in R by Tanner Robison Sept 2018.
Please email me at paul.wolf@uah.edu if you want me to add taxa “in progress”, or if you know of GenBank entries that are not listed below, or you want email notification of updates. Thanks.


The list can be download here: all_fern_plastomes.csv

Plastomes in progress

 By Jeff Mower, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:

Thelypteris palustris
Osmunda regalis
Gleichenia dicarpa
The Grusz lab has a few new plastomes coming soon:
Myriopteris yavapensis complex:
M. wootonii
M. fendleri 
M. yavapensis
Jin_mei Lu and collaborators are working on 250+ plastomes in Polypodiales
plus filling in gaps from currently unsampled fern families. 
In progress by Samuli Lehtonen and collaborators:
Davallia fejeensis
Christensenia aesculifolia
Danaea sellowiana
Eupodium kaulfussii
Ptisana novoguineensis
Marattia cicutifolia
Marattia laxa