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Research in my lab focuses on plant evolutionary biology, spanning population genetics to deep phylogeny. My main interest is in ferns (including Pteridium and Ceratopteris), but students in the lab are also working on flowering plants, including Eriogonum, Populus, Allenrolfea, Betula, and Boechera. The lab uses a wide array of tools, including next-generation genomic sequencing, RNA-seq, Rad-seq (GBS), single-gene Sanger sequencing, microsatellites, and AFLPs.

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March: New website launched


February 2020: Sylvia’s paper “Mothers of Pteridology” published in the American Fern Journal:

June 2020: Alaskan Betula paper published

Recent Publications

Rowe CA, Lichvar RW and Wolf PG (2020) How Many Tree Species of Birch Are in Alaska? Implications for Wetland Designations. Front. Plant Sci. 11:750. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2020.00750

Wolf PG, Rowe CA, Kinosian SP, Der JP, Lockhart PJ, Shepherd LD, McLenachan PA, Thomson JA. 2019. Worldwide relationships in the fern genus Pteridium (bracken) based on nuclear genome markers. American Journal of Botany 106(10): 1365–1376

Rowe CA, PG Wolf, RW Lichvar. 2019. Do genetic differences explain the ability of an alkaline shrub to grow in both uplands and wetlands? Western North American Naturalist: 79: 260–269

Kinosian SP and JS Suissa. 2020. Mothers of Pteridology. American Fern Journal 110(1), 3-19, (5 February 2020). https://doi.org/10.1640/0002-8444-110.1.3