The paper “Why do heterosporous plants have so few chromosomes”, is now published.


February 2020: Sylvia’s paper “Mothers of Pteridology” published in the American Fern Journal

June 2020: Alaskan Betula paper published

Recent Publications

Rowe CA, Lichvar RW and Wolf PG (2020) How Many Tree Species of Birch Are in Alaska? Implications for Wetland Designations. Front. Plant Sci. 11:750. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2020.00750

Wolf PG, Rowe CA, Kinosian SP, Der JP, Lockhart PJ, Shepherd LD, McLenachan PA, Thomson JA. 2019. Worldwide relationships in the fern genus Pteridium (bracken) based on nuclear genome markers. American Journal of Botany 106(10): 1365–1376

Rowe CA, PG Wolf, RW Lichvar. 2019. Do genetic differences explain the ability of an alkaline shrub to grow in both uplands and wetlands? Western North American Naturalist: 79: 260–269

Kinosian SP and JS Suissa. 2020. Mothers of Pteridology. American Fern Journal 110(1), 3-19, (5 February 2020).

August, 2019

Paul and Carol have moved to Alabama

New contact info:

Paul G. Wolf

Professor and Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

University of Alabama in Huntsville

301 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, AL 35899

December, 2018

Five recent papers from the lab:

Jenessa and Paul on rare buckwheats

Carol, Don, and Paul’s work on Salvinia

Martin and Paul’s work on admixture in Boechera

Paul and Tanner’s work on Target Sequence Capture in ferns

and Tanner et al.’s work on mobile elements in fern plastid genomes – in Genome Biol Evol

July, 2018

Tanner and Sylvia present papers at the Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of America in Rochester, MN

May, 2018

Two new papers published from lab members: Martin and Paul’s work on admixture in Boechera and Paul and Tanner’s work on Target Sequence Capture in ferns

March, 2018

Paul and Jenessa attend the Utah Rare Plant Conference at the Utah Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake City. Jenessa presents her work on Eriogonum soredium. Meanwhile, Jenessa has been accepted into a PhD program at University of Missouri

September, 2017

Paul and Carol certify as Software and Data Carpentry Instructors, and teach two workshops during September

August 2017

Wolf lab welcomes three new graduate students: Jenessa Lemon, Marley Haupt, and Sylvia Kinosian.

January, 2017

Martin starts his Post doc in the lab of Sam Flaxman at University of Colorado

October, 2016

Martin Schilling successfully defends his dissertation on evolutionary genetics of Boechera

June, 2016

Martin presented some of his Boechera work at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution, Austin TX

Schilling MP. 2016. Gene flow and mating system variation in the face of facultative asexuality. Conference link

November, 2015

Paul features in video on Fern Biology, produced by US Army Corps of Engineers.

October, 2015

Research on Galapagos Pteridium published in AoB Plants

Wolf PG, Rowe CA, Der JP, Schilling MP, Visger CJ, Thomson J. 2015. Origins and diversity of a cosmopolitan fern genus on an island archipelago. AoB Plants 7: plv118; DOI: 10.1093/aobpla/plv118

August, 2015

“An Exploration into Fern Genome Space” by Wolf et al.

Published in Genome Biology and Evolution 7: 2533-2544. Link to open access version

June, 2015

Aaron, Paul, and Carol attend International Conference in Washington DC

Aaron, Paul, and Carol attend International Conference on Lycophyte and Fern Research. We also met up with former lab member Josh Der and other pteridologists at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. The lab presented three talks.

March, 2015

Mark Ellis leads the latest effort on the buckwheat front, examining new samples of the rare Niles’ Buckwheat. The paper is published as open access in Phytotaxa

Ellis MW, PG Wolf, S Bardot, JA Walton, CA Rowe, S Kulpa, and KA Mock. 2015. Further Examination of the Geographic Range of Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii (Polygonaceae). Phytotaxa 203: 279–286. link Link

February, 2015

Aaron Duffy’s paper on Hymenophyllum

Aaron’s paper on the distribution of Hymenophyllum writghtii in north America, published in the American fern Journal. Link to Abstract

January, 2015

Paul and Carol join OTS course on tropical ferns and lycophytes

Paul and Carol traveled to Costa Rica to join an OTS (Organization of Tropical Studies) course in ferns and lycophytes, led by Robbin Moran and Eddie Watkins.

November, 2014

Aaron Duffy defends PhD dissertation

Aaron Duffy successfully defended his dissertation Friday November 7. On Monday 10th he started as a post doc in the toxicology lab of Roger Coulomb.

September, 2014

Fern Genome ideas published in GigaScience

Sessa, E.B., J.A. Banks, M.S. Barker, J.P. Der, A.M. Duffy, S.W. Graham, M. Hasebe, J. Langdale, F.W. Li, D.B. Marchant, K.M. Pryer, C.J. Rothfels, S.J. Roux, M.L. Salmi, E.M. Sigel, D.E. Soltis, P.S. Soltis, D.W. Stevenson, and P.G. Wolf. 2014. Between two fern genomes. GigaScience 3: 15.

August, 2014

Martin Schilling attends two workshops

Martin Schilling spent one week in July at the Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics at University of Washington, where he received a scholarship to attend two modules, MCMC in Genetics and Coalescent Theory. Martin then spent one week at Kellogg Biological Station at Michigan State University, and co-lectured the NGS Summer Course 2014 , dealing with the analysis of Next-Generation-Sequence Data.

July 30, 2014

Papers presented at the Annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America

Ellis, Mark W; Mock, Karen E.; Wolf , Paul G; Bardot, Shannon; Walton, James A.; Kulpa, Sarah M; Rowe, Carol A. 2014. Further Examination of the Geographic Range of Niles’s Buckwheat.

Wolf, P.G, J. P. Der, F-W Li, C. J. Rothfels, M. A. Gitzendanner, C. J. Visger, D. B. Marchant, D. E. Soltis, P. S. Soltis, K. M. Pryer. 2014. An exploration of fern genome space.

Duffy, A. M., D. Farrar, P. G. Wolf. 2014. Exploring the population genetics of independent gametophytes of Crepidomanes intricatum (Farrar) Ebihara & Weakley (Hymenophyllaceae) using genotyping-by-sequencing.

June 19, 2014

Paper published in the International Journal of Science Education

Campbell, T. D., B. A. ZuWallack, D.T, M. Longhurst, B. Shelton, P. G. Wolf. 2014. An examination of the changes in science teaching orientations and technology-enhanced tools for student learning in the context of professional development. International Journal of Science Education. 36: 1815-1848.

May 6-7, 2014

1KP Sporophyte-Gametophyte Transcriptome Meeting

Paul helped organize a small meeting on transcriptome data from sporophytes and gametophytes. Held at the Florida Museum of Natural History on University of Florida campus, Gainesville.

March 26, 2014

Paper Accepted in PLoS ONE

The aspen GBS paper, led by Martin and Karen, is accepted in PLoS ONE. Citation: Schilling, M., Wolf, P. G., Duffy, A. M., Rai, H. S., Richardson, B. A., Mock, K. E. 2014. Genotyping-by-sequencing for Populus population genomics: an assessment of genome sampling patterns and filtering approaches. PLoS One 9(4): e95292