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We have various bits of code available for playing with Genbank files and Next Gen (Illumina) data for population genomics

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Lab Protocols

How to sample plants in the field for DNA Extraction: YouTube link

Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms (AFLPs)

Genotyping-by-Sequencing (GBS) – This is based on Elshire et al (2011) and we have since switched to the protocol of Gompert et al (2014) and Parchman et al (2012). You can download GBS_Template files at bottom of page.Data in Digital Commons – from 2017 publications onwards

  1. Wolf, PG, Robison TA, Johnson MG, Sundue MA, Testo WL, Rothfels CJ. 2018. Target Sequence Capture of Nuclear-Encoded Genes for Phylogenetic Analysis in Ferns. Applications in Plant Sciences 6(5): e1148.

  2. Schilling MP, Gompert Z, Li F-W, Windham MD, Wolf PG. 2018. Admixture, evolution, and variation in reproductive isolation in the Boechera puberula clade. BMC Evolutionary Biology 18: 61.

  3. Rowe, CA, Hauber, DP, Wolf PG. 2018. Genomic variation of introduced Salvinia minima in southeastern United States. Aquatic Botany In Press:

  4. Lemon JB and PG Wolf. 2018. Genetic differentiation between endemic Eriogonum soredium and its common relative E. shockleyi (Polygonaceae). Systematic Botany: In Press.

Fern Genome Data (2015)

  1. I have low coverage (1X – 2X) Illumina genomic sequences from six fern species. Files can be downloaded from Digital Commons. Data presented at 2014 meeting of Botanical Society of America (Boise, ID, USA)

  2. List of fern chloroplast genomes (plastomes) – link

RNA Editing (2003 – 2004)

Wolf, P. G., C. A. Rowe, M. Hasebe. 2004. High levels of RNA editing in a vascular plant chloroplast genome: analysis of transcripts from the fern Adiantum capillus-veneris. Gene 339: 89-97

Adiantum cDNA Primers

Adiantum cDNA Sequences Ipomopsis (1991, 1992, 1995)

  1. Wolf, P. G. and D. R. Campbell. 1995. Hierarchical analysis of allozymic and morphometric variation in a montane herb, Ipomopsis aggregata (Polemoniaceae). Journal of Heredity 86: 386-394. Download file from bottom of this page or see this link: DATA
  2. Wolf, P. G., P. S. Soltis and D. E. Soltis. 1991. Genetic relationships and patterns of allozyme divergence in the Ipomopsis aggregata complex and related taxa (Polemoniaceae). American Journal of Botany 78: 515-526. Download README file, 1991_Wolf_localities.csv, and 1991_Wolf_60_pops_arrays.csv files at bottom of this page, or from Digital Commons
  3. Wolf, P. G. and P. S. Soltis. 1992. Estimates of gene flow among populations, geographic races, and species in the Ipomopsis aggregata complex (Polemoniaceae). Genetics 130: 639-647. Same files as 1991 paper.

Additional Documents and Files